Wander the riverbank of Berlin’s Köpenicker Chaussee for long enough, and you’ll find a grand cold war nuclear facility, or what looks like one. It was here, at the beautiful, eerie Funkhaus – actually a radio broadcast site built in the 1950s – that rising Bristol electronic artist Henry Green wrote his new single, and you can tell. Like the building in which it was born, ‘Stay Here’ is both beautiful and eerie: a feather-gentle lament full of hushed vocals and electronic ripples, about isolation and fighting for a sense of direction, by an artist whose only direction seems up.


“I write a lot about movement – both physical and emotional,” says Green who, aged 22, has two cult adored EPs, over 18m Spotify streams and shows with London Grammar and Nick Mulvey to his name. “Music is an escape for me, so I try and escape to somewhere less chaotic and slower in pace when I'm creating.” The result is a sound both subtle and cinematic (he dreams of one day scoring for film) that combines intimate, confessional songwriting with an obsession with electronics that has built in him since age 16.

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March 2018
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November 2017
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