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Ghostly Kisses is the dreamy music of Canadian singer and songwriter Margaux Sauvé. She began to play the violin at the age of 5 following in the footsteps of her family of musicians. It was several years later that she started to sing and wrote her first songs. The name 'Ghostly Kisses' was inspired from reading William Faulkner’s poem 'Une ballade des dames perdues’, and seemed like a beautiful reflection of Margaux's ethereal voice.   A sort of ethereal seduction They hear, alas My women And brush my lips with little ghostly kisses Stealing away Singly, their tiny ardent faces Like windflowers from some blown garden of dreams In 2017, her song 'Such Words' reached more than 50,000 plays on Spotify 24 hours after its release. Ghostly Kisses was also part of the International Festival of Jazz of Montreal and Festival d’Été of Quebec and opened for international renowned artists such as RY X, Charlotte Cardin, Trixie Whitley and Milk & Bone in Canada and the US. In 2018, she released 'The City Holds My Heart - EP', a 5 pieces album produced by Louis-Étienne Santais (Fjord) and inspired by the sonic textures of the 90's. Unfolding around Margaux’s soft voice, these songs progressively reveal different drums, synths, string arrangements and piano layers. Early 2019, Ghostly Kisses did her first official tour in Canada and played a few shows in the United States. She sold out half of her shows in Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Lévis and Beloeil). She was also officially chosen to showcase at SXSW in Austin in March 2019. In the last years Ghostly Kisses’ songs have been part of many Spotify playlists like New Music Friday, Evening Commute, Chill Covers, Lush+Atmospheric just to name a few, and has more than 12 million plays to date. Her videoclip of ‘Empty Note’ has more than 1 million views on YouTube. In the Fall of 2019, Ghostly Kisses will release an acoustic EP and will leave for her first tour in Europe with more than 18 shows.

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